US Medical Debt Statistics

10 Statistics about US Medical Debt that Will Shock You

Medical debt is a big problem in the United States. For years, it’s been the No. 1 reason people file for bankruptcy — even though the more common assumption is that those struggling financially have been overspending in other areas of their life. Luckily, bankruptcy can be a helpful solution for a lot of people. It’s […]

Can I pay back family before bankruptcy?

In times of difficulty, we naturally turn to family and friends for help. The same holds when those difficulties are financial. Family and friends know you and understand your troubles; they’ll be willing to lend you a hand even when banks won’t. They trust you regardless of your credit score. If you borrow from people […]

File Bankruptcy Without Spouse

Can I File Bankruptcy Without My Spouse?

Last updated April 13, 2017. One of the most common questions bankruptcy attorneys receive is: “How will filing for bankruptcy affect my spouse?” The issue comes up most frequently when only one spouse is planning to file. Many have the mistaken impression that because they are married, their spouse is automatically responsible for their debts. […]