Keep tax refund in bankruptcy?

How to Keep Your Tax Refund and File for Bankruptcy

How to Keep Your Tax Refund and File for Bankruptcy It’s that time again!!!  Tax Season!  You are looking forward to receiving a big tax refund check and you are also working hard to get your bankruptcy case filed.  So, what happens to your tax refund in a bankruptcy case?? We’ve said it time and again […]

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How to Pay Off High Interest Credit Card Debt

Follow These Steps to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Perhaps like many Americans your New Year’s resolution involves paying down credit card debt. After all, even the most ardent supporter of the plastic hears that little voice in the back of their head “credit card interest rates are a huge ripoff, I shouldn’t use […]

E.D.N.Y. Approves Debtor’s Chapter 20 Lien Strip

Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For our readers playing along at home, the basic rule with mortgage modification in bankruptcy is as follows: first mortgages on a debtors primary residence cannot be modified by filing for bankruptcy, however, second, third and other junior liens can be modified or “stripped” by filing for Chapter 13 […]

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Wage Garnishment Must Stop After a Bankruptcy Case is Filed; You Might Even be Able to Get Money Back

Bankruptcy Stops Wage Garnishment The minute a bankruptcy cases filed, an injunction called the automatic stay is issued, which prohibits creditors from trying to collect on debts that were included in the bankruptcy. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has called the automatic stay “one of the most important protections in bankruptcy law.” The automatic stay […]

Does the Bankruptcy Code Mirror the Bible?

Are the Bible’s Debt Forgiveness Principles Codified in the Bankruptcy Code?

What Does the Bible Have to Say About Bankruptcy? Is It Ethical? Is filing for bankruptcy ethical? What does the Bible say about the debt forgiveness industry? For the religious among us, the answer to the ethical questions surrounding bankruptcy and debt forgiveness are likely to be found through our faith. Indeed, the Bible addresses […]


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