Choosing Right College Student Loan Debt Dischargeable

Should I choose a college based on my parents’ income?

We all know college is expensive. But just how hard is it to pay off student loans? According to new information published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), choosing the right school to attend can have a huge effect on your future — but not just on what type of job you might […]

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Exemptions Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

You’re in debt and are doing research online, so you’ve probably already encountered some general information about bankruptcy. But what do you need to know about bankruptcy if you’re filing in Massachusetts? Before you dive into your Massachusetts research, make sure that MA law applies to your case. If you just moved to MA, your […]

50 Cent Bankruptcy Lessons

4 lessons from 50 Cent’s bankruptcy case

A federal judge recently discharged the bankruptcy case of rapper 50 Cent after he paid more than $22 million of his debt. 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in 2015, with debts of $36 million and assets of less than $20 million. The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” artist, whose real name is Curtis […]

Bankruptcy Filings at All-Time Low in 2016

How many people filed for bankruptcy in 2016?

Bankruptcy filings are continuing to decline, with fewer than 800,000 people filing in federal courts last year. All bankruptcy cases are handled in federal courts, per the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Although 800,000 seems like a lot, it pales in comparison to the height of the economic collapse in September 2010, which saw nearly double the amount […]


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