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    […] residence to Florida could be to protect his valuable property, the Mar-a-Lago Club, by filing a homestead exemption form in Palm Beach County. That shields a primary residence from current and future creditors if he […]

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    […] to choose between the state or federal exemption system, Florida is not one of them. As stated by National Bankruptcy Forum, the top five Florida bankruptcy exemptions […]

  4. Is there any benefit for a County employee to protect his house from banckrupcy. My case is different,we bought the house my sister in law get the loan, my husband and I put the down payment, we have being paying the mortgage with our money from our account since 2008, our names are in the tittle but not in the loan, now she wants to fill banckrupcy and take our house from us and she is paying the mortgage of the house she is living.

    Question, could I save my house my husband and me are county employees