Objection to Discharge Chapter 7: What Happens if a Creditor Objects to Discharge
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1 Comment for How to Screw Up Your Bankruptcy Discharge
  1. I live in a house that belong to my spouse. She died in 2013 without a will she wrote her wishes on a paper. My name was never on the deed. I am in chapter 7 bankruptcy. Trustee tells me that the house is part of my assets and can force sale. That would completely pay off all my debt. They get house creditors paid, I am in the street. My step daughters who were supposed to get house, get one half of sale. I signed a quit claim before ever thinking of bankruptcy. Quit claim will be null and void by trustee. Sin I signed quit claim that will be null and void, I can’t get homestead exemption. Debts get paid, Trustee gets 25 percent. I get shafted by court. What good is bankruptcy if the is no protection for the filter. Highway robbery by the court. No justice here.