Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado: What You Need to Know

Coloradans who find themselves struggling to service their personal debts may find relief in the pages of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The Bankruptcy Code is a federal law that governs the process of eliminating, restructuring, and otherwise dealing with overwhelming debt. There are a few different forms of bankruptcy proceedings, and the Bankruptcy Code deals […]

Debt Collectors America Reports of Abuse

Debt Collectors in the U.S. You Need to Know

The debt collection industry is big — estimated to be a $12 billion industry in fact, and growing. There are literally thousands of debt collectors in the form of collection companies, law firms, and yes, even debt buyers. How does it all work? The origin of debt collectors had humble beginnings. They were often in-house departments of […]

Alaska Bankruptcy Exemptions

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Alaska: What You Need to Know

For Alaskans straining under the weight of accumulated debt, federal law offers relief through the process of bankruptcy. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code, found in Title 11 of the U.S. Code, governs that process. The Bankruptcy Code offers several options for individuals, businesses, and others to restructure or eliminate their debts. One of the most popular […]

Rosland Capital Gold Investment Bankruptcy

Why is Rosland Capital Telling Everyone to Buy Gold?

Rosland Capital advertises heavily on television, encouraging people to purchase gold and silver coins as well as gold and silver ingots. The question that is often asked is whether it is a good idea to purchase precious metals, either as an investment, as a way to preserve what wealth you have, or as an investment […]

Livestock Bankruptcy Chapter 12 Farmers

Can I Keep Livestock and File Bankruptcy?

People who are considering bankruptcy often wonder whether they will be able to keep their property, and farmers are no exception. People who keep livestock and grow crops for a living are often worried that by filing for bankruptcy, they will end up putting themselves in a position where they will be forced to part […]


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