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December 12, 2017

Financial Planning for Beginners: What You Need to Know

Earlier this year, household debt balances in America rose to $12.73 trillion, the highest in our history. In fact, 73% of us die in debt. With this much debt, it’s hard for many people to reach …


December 8, 2017

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in North Dakota: What You Need to Know

The past decade has been good to North Dakota. During the Great Recession, while median incomes across the country were shrinking when adjusted for inflation, household incomes in North Dakota grew …


November 17, 2017

5 Tips for Spending — and Saving — During the Holidays

Every holiday season, millions of Americans head to the nearest shopping outlet, online or off, to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts for their friends and family. Nearly 3 in 4 Americans shop every …


November 17, 2017

Planning for Retirement: What Women Should Consider

Sometimes as a woman gets older, she may find that her life has taken a different course than she had planned and she is unprepared for retirement. Only one-third of women think they are well …


November 8, 2017

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Mississippi: What You Need to Know

Pecans, cotton, catfish, sweet potatoes — all have a huge, if not "capital," presence in Mississippi. The nickname "Old Man River" is reserved for the Mississippi River, the largest river in the …


November 1, 2017

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

Minnesota isn't just home to people with a well-known accent. It's also home to the country's largest urban sculpture garden in Minneapolis, the largest regional playhouse in the U.S., and …

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