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Who Will Know I Filed Bankruptcy?

Worried Who Will Find Out About Your Bankruptcy? Do you worry about who will know that you decided to file bankruptcy? Even though bankruptcy doesn’t carry the same negative connotation it used to, some people still worry that their friends and coworkers will find out. The good news is, that except for a select few, […]

Are You Judgment Proof?

Are You Judgment Proof?

We all know why people are filing for bankruptcy. With a tepid recovery, jobs are hard to find, home values are still low, and fear and uncertainty are preventing business owners from expanding their businesses. The costs of health care are rising even with the Affordable Care Act in play. People are finding themselves saddled […]

I’ve Found A New Job, Will I Still Be Able To File For Bankruptcy?

Does a regular paycheck disqualify a consumer from filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy? If you’ve read this blog with any frequency, you’ve undoubtedly seen numerous posts about bankruptcy reform and the means test. Indeed, much has been written about the means test, the vaunted gatekeeper to chapter 7 bankruptcy protection implemented by Congress as part […]

Exemptions: What Can I Keep if I File Bankruptcy?

Exemptions: What Can I Keep if I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Filers Aren’t Meant To Be Left With Nothing Many people mistakenly believe that they will lose everything when they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is not the case. The bankruptcy code allows debtors to claim certain necessary property as off-limits from creditors and the trustee. That property is the debtor’s ‘exempt property.’ The […]

All’s Not Forgiven When Debts Are “Forgiven”

Debts discharged in bankruptcy are not taxable events.

What Is The Difference Between Surrendering A Home And Foreclosure?

Taking real estate vs. giving it back What is the difference between surrendering a home in bankruptcy and losing a home to foreclosure? Many consumers are confused by the interplay between surrendering a home in bankruptcy and foreclosure. When you file bankruptcy and surrender a home, you give the property back to the lender. When a […]

What is a Homestead Exemption? Can My Creditors Take My Home?

What is a Homestead Exemption? Can My Creditors Take My Home?

The Homestead Exemption Homestead exemption laws prevent the sale of a borrower’s home by their creditors in satisfaction of a debt. In many states, whether your home may be subject to forced sale is a function of how much home equity you have. A Homestead is Your Primary Residence. Investment Property Does Not Qualify A […]

I’m Not Current on My Car Payments, Do I Have Options in Chapter 13?

Can Bankruptcy Help When You’re Behind on Your Car Payments? When money is tight, and you are considering bankruptcy, you have often been behind on payments for months.  You have run up credit card debt, and missed payments on your car and mortgage.  And now, perhaps your lender is threatening to repossess your car.  What […]

What Property Can I keep In A Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy doesn’t have to mean losing all of your property People considering bankruptcy often have the misperception that they will lose all of their property if they decide to file. Fact is, only non-exempt property will be eligible for sale in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. What does this mean? As a matter of public […]

Do I Need to Pay My Mortgage If I File Bankruptcy?

Do I Need to Pay My Mortgage If I File Bankruptcy?

Pay the Mortgage in Bankruptcy? Yes, you must pay your mortgage even if you plan to file bankruptcy. Much has been written about the ability of chapter 13 bankruptcy to help homeowners catch up on past due mortgage payments, but beware it’s not a cure all. It’s true, filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop […]