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John O'Connor is the founder and president of the National Bankruptcy Forum. He is a consumer protection attorney with experience in consumer bankruptcy. John's practice is currently focused on large scale mortgage and bank fraud litigation.


Connecticut, Illinois and North Carolina although his Connecticut and Illinois licenses are currently inactive.

John's NY office is not a law office, he is not licensed in NY.


John is a graduate of the Michigan State University College of Law in East Lansing, MI as well as the Real Property Development Masters Program at the University of Miami School of Law in Coral Gables, FL.


American Bankruptcy Institute

Entries by John O'Connor

IRS Sanctioned for Willful Violation of Discharge Order

The Bankruptcy Discharge Applies Even To The Federal Government Creditors who attempt to collect on debts that have been discharged in bankruptcy often find themselves in serious hot water with the Bankruptcy Court.  Bankruptcy judges take the discharge order very seriously and will dish out punishment to those who ignore its prohibitions against continued collection […]

E.D.N.Y. Approves Debtor’s Chapter 20 Lien Strip

Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For our readers playing along at home, the basic rule with mortgage modification in bankruptcy is as follows: first mortgages on a debtors primary residence cannot be modified by filing for bankruptcy, however, second, third and other junior liens can be modified or “stripped” by filing for Chapter 13 […]

Wage Garnishment Must Stop After a Bankruptcy Case is Filed; You Might Even be Able to Get Money Back

Bankruptcy Stops Wage Garnishment The minute a bankruptcy cases filed, an injunction called the automatic stay is issued, which prohibits creditors from trying to collect on debts that were included in the bankruptcy. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has called the automatic stay “one of the most important protections in bankruptcy law.” The automatic stay […]

Are the Bible’s Debt Forgiveness Principles Codified in the Bankruptcy Code?

What Does the Bible Have to Say About Bankruptcy? Is It Ethical? Is filing for bankruptcy ethical? What does the Bible say about the debt forgiveness industry? For the religious among us, the answer to the ethical questions surrounding bankruptcy and debt forgiveness are likely to be found through our faith. Indeed, the Bible addresses […]

I’ve Found A New Job, Will I Still Be Able To File For Bankruptcy?

Does a regular paycheck disqualify a consumer from filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy? If you’ve read this blog with any frequency, you’ve undoubtedly seen numerous posts about bankruptcy reform and the means test. Indeed, much has been written about the means test, the vaunted gatekeeper to chapter 7 bankruptcy protection implemented by Congress as part […]

Exemptions: What Can I Keep if I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Filers Aren’t Meant To Be Left With Nothing Many people mistakenly believe that they will lose everything when they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is not the case. The bankruptcy code allows debtors to claim certain necessary property as off-limits from creditors and the trustee. That property is the debtor’s ‘exempt property.’ The […]