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How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

Last updated March 31, 2017. Everyone preparing to file for bankruptcy wants to know the cost. After all, bankruptcy usually comes at a time when money is tight. Below, we’ll talk about filing fees, attorney fees, the cost of filing on your own versus filing with an attorney, and what your expected total bankruptcy cost […]

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Bankruptcy Attorneys Need To Know

Tell Your Bankruptcy Attorney Everything! Have you ever used the expression ‘on a need to know basis’? Well as a bankruptcy attorney, I am on a need to know…………everything basis. Clients come to my office for help with financial problems. They are understandably very open about their debts and how they were incurred. What debtors […]

Trust Is Crucial in Attorney-Client Relationships

The Importance of Trust There is no substitute for building trust with clients. It establishes open lines of communication, increases cooperation and ultimately drives the profitability of a law practice. Clients who trust their lawyer are eager to meet their lawyer’s needs, making the working relationship enjoyable for the lawyer and supporting staff. Yet, increasingly, […]