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How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

Everyone preparing to file for bankruptcy wants to know the cost. After all, bankruptcy usually comes at a time when money is tight. Filing Fees and Required Courses Bankruptcy filers must pay a filing fee. For a Chapter 7 case, the fee is $335. For a Chapter 13 case, the fee is $310.  The Bankruptcy […]

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Bankruptcy Attorneys Need To Know

Tell Your Bankruptcy Attorney Everything! Have you ever used the expression ‘on a need to know basis’? Well as a bankruptcy attorney, I am on a need to know…………everything basis. Clients come to my office for help with financial problems. They are understandably very open about their debts and how they were incurred. What debtors […]

Trust Is Crucial in Attorney-Client Relationships

The Importance of Trust There is no substitute for building trust with clients. It establishes open lines of communication, increases cooperation and ultimately drives the profitability of a law practice. Clients who trust their lawyer are eager to meet their lawyer’s needs, making the working relationship enjoyable for the lawyer and supporting staff. Yet, increasingly, […]